Virtual exhibition in collaboration with artist Tim Carter

 16* in 'The Gallery Of Active Imagination' is the fruition of a collaboration with artist Tim Carter. 17 musical pieces have been created to accompany each one of his 17 specially selected paintings. On the last Monday in August, Room 1 in the virtual gallery will be opened to show 'Serpent and dove'. Then every Monday up to and including the week of the Winter Solstice a new room will be opened to display another painting with its associated music.

'' I see these little paintings as little more than little prayers. Pulled from dreams both good and bad they seek to note the jarring discrepancies between our true selves and the hyletic world into which we find ourselves thrown. They seek to note, in their way, a sense of dis-ease and alienation and the ensuing upward yearn for home and for unity.'' Tim Carter

''Immediately struck by the emotive archetypal energy in Tim Carter’s paintings I experienced a creative push from within. Using the process of active imagination and a sequential narrative that the images suggested I composed the 17 pieces of sound.'' mp clarke

'music for the exhibition' aural album available here from January 1st 2024

© all artwork and titles Tim Carter. All music mp clarke ©