New recording out on May 5th 2024. The narrative ‘seed’ for the Those Men 2002 seminal album ‘These Women’

New album release 'music for the exhibition' out now on Music Page.

The Gallery Of Active Imagination

 A new feature coming here from Monday 28th August 2023. 'The Gallery Of Active Imagination' is the fruition of a collaboration with artist Tim Carter. 17 musical pieces have been created to accompany each one of his 17 specially selected paintings. On the last Monday in August, Room 1 in the virtual gallery will be opened to show 'Serpent and dove'. Then every Monday up to and including the week of the Winter Solstice a new room will be opened to display another painting with its associated music.  'music for the exhibition', the aural element of 16*, is  now available through the Music page.

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